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Crossover Restoration Foundation, Inc. is a new, innovative 501(c)(3) charitable ministry with a uniquely classic way of reaching at-risk teenagers.


What's so different about Crossover?   We are a network of dedicated volunteers (from rookies to professionals) who have a genuine love for the Lord, teenagers, and classic cars.  When you combine these three passions you end up with a multi-faceted, after-school program that uses the restoration of classic vehicles to draw and train troubled teens into a classic relationship with Jesus Christ.  While students are introduced to relevant Bible truths and learn basic skills of complete auto restoration, they will be mentored by caring Christians who model the love and grace needed to restore their lives.  Our genuine desire is help teens and their families cross over into a lifestyle of true meaning and fulfillment. 


After almost two years of praying, searching, and waiting, God finally gave us a place to call Home.  Though we are thankful for His provision, this property is in dire need of renovation before we can open the doors to help kids.  Obviously, these renovations will take a ton of money, lots of time, and plenty of partners willing to pitch in to help this dream become a reality. 


Speaking of partners, we will be working closely with ministries like the Lena Pope Home in Fort Worth, New Day Family Services, surrounding schools, area police departments, the Fort Worth Marshal's Department, local churches, caring businesses, and other charitable organizations.  Browse this website to become more familiar with who we are, what we want to do, and how you can help.   Give us a call, text, email or drop by for a personal tour of our property.  You'll love sitting in any one of our classic cars that were donated to the Crossover program!   Hope to hear from you soon!





Restoring Lives, One Car at a Time

 We welcome all types of donations:  money, time, vehicles, tools, services, equipment, resources, etc.  Please give us a call to see how you might invest in the lives of teenagers and their families through your generous donations.  Keep in mind, we are a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, so all your financial support can be reported on your tax returns as a charitable, deductible gift.

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There are so many ways to help Crossover make an eternal impact on a student's life.  Whether it's a trade skill in automotive restoration, or the ability to tutor a student in his/her school work, sharing what God has given you is what it's all about.  Click on the "Get Involved" link above to see the many different options for helping us make a difference in the life and family of a teenager.

Focusing on the Cross of Christ, Crossover Restoration Foundation, Inc. exists to train and shape young lives by promoting their educational and moral development, modeling the love and grace of God, and utilizing the restoration of classic vehicles for the cause of Jesus Christ.

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