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About Our Location


If you type our address into your GPS or use any online mapping tool, you'll soon discover those resources will direct you to the general vicinity, but none will take you straight to our doorsteps.  Many online maps will also list our location being in Burleson, but we are actually in Fort Worth.  The bird's eye photo above removes all doubt about our exact location. 


Taking Exit 39 (Rendon Crowley Road/FM 1187) off I-35 in Fort Worth, Texas, go one mile east on Rendon Crowley Road. Turn south on the private road just opposite the main entrance to Purselley Cutting Horse Ranch.  Look for our Crossover Restoration Foundation sign at the southwest corner of the intersection.  Our home is only one block south.  Just look for the best looking building on the block!


After Paint.jpg

About Our Property


This is the freshly painted exterior of our main building that houses our offices, classroom, shop, showroom and recreation room.  These past few years have been an exciting journey of God's grace and goodness as we've been working hard to get this building open for ministry.  Thanks to our many generous donors, we're almost there!  Come visit us for a personal tour of God's blessings and plan for Crossover!

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