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The Crossover Story....So Far, So Good

For most of his life, Dr. Wayne Hey, current President of DFW Urology, has fostered a deep love for the Lord, classic cars, helping young people in need, and giving generously to worthy causes.   Through the years, Wayne's love for old cars has led to his astounding collection of more than 65 classic vehicles, all in various stages of restoration.


In August 2013, Dr. Hey felt led of God to donate the majority of his classic cars and begin a new foundation for at-risk teenagers.  His vision included a program that would expose teenagers to relevant truths from the Bible, hands-on training in complete automotive restoration, computer research skills, mentoring, tutoring, recreation, and character development.  This new foundation would use the restoration of classic cars to ultimately restore the lives and families of hurting teenagers.


While the philanthropist-doctor was willing to provide the cars, facility, and initial funding, he needed someone to drive his dream down the road to Reality.   That someone is his long-time friend, James (JB) Baldridge.  To Wayne, JB's 33 years of multi-level ministry experience, his knowledge in automotive restoration, and his spiritual gifts and skill set made him the best candidate for the key leadership position.  In December 2013, JB accepted Wayne's offer and began serving fulltime as President/CEO of Crossover Restoration Foundation in January 2014.  JB remains on staff at Pleasantview Baptist Church (Arlington, Texas) where he has served as part-time Minister of Education since December 2001.


Crossover immediately began building meaningful relationships with schools, businesses, churches, students, and other charitable organizations.  In July 2014, the IRS granted Crossover Restoration Foundation the legal status of a 501(c)(3) as a religious/educational non-profit, public, charitable organization (EIN 46-4415925; Taxpayer ID 320-52707109).


After 18 months of praying, searching and waiting, God provided a piece of property that Crossover could finally call "Home."  On September 4, 2015 Crossover closed on the property at 1120 E. Rendon Crowley Road in south Fort Worth, Texas.  A large 12,000 square foot building will house the main shop, classrooms, offices, recreation room and showroom.  A smaller 3,000 square foot building will be used for storing some project cars and for future expansion.  A third 400 square foot building will be used for equipment storage.  Dr. Hey has also donated to Crossover a large warehouse where we store all our  classic cars.


In December 2015, the City of Fort Worth finally approved Crossover's plans and granted permission to begin renovating the buildings and property needed to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.  Once the Certificate of Occupancy is granted, Crossover will be able to welcome at-risk teenagers into their unique, life-changing program.


"So, when is Opening Day?" This is a question asked by all friends and supporters.  Opening Day depends upon funding and completing the total renovation project required by the City of Fort Worth.  Once Crossover receives the financial support to cover reconstruction and program costs for the first year, it will take approximately 2-3 months to complete the renovations.  And that brings our story of Crossover where we are today.  So far, so good!


Top Ten Renovations Needed

1.  New roofs on all three buildings; insulation on classroom and office areas.

2.  New fire hydrant and water lines (to be installed by the City)

3.  New cement parking lot and access ramp

4.  New paint inside and out for all three buildings

5.  Construction of ADA compliant restroom and facilities

6.  Computers, projector, assorted classroom and study hall equipment

7.  New wiring for additional lighting, proper ventilation, compressor and HVAC

8.  Upgraded surveillance and security system with 24-hour monitoring service

9.  Recreation room furniture, equipment, snack bar

10. Air compressor, air lines, fire prevention system for paint booth



In addition to reaching the many hurting teens as soon as possible, we have another reason to open Crossover quickly.  Only two weeks before sharing his vision for this new foundation, Dr. Hey was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer that has already begun to spread throughout his body, and more recently into his lungs.  This bad news has shifted us into high gear as we are doing our very best to raise the needed funds for renovations.  The sooner we raise funds, the sooner we open our doors to the kids, and the sooner Dr. Hey will see his dream come to life.  Estimated cost of renovations and operating expenses for the first year is between $750-800 thousand.  As you can see, your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated!

Pictured left to right

JB Baldridge (President/CEO), Steve Thornton (Treasurer), Dr. Wayne Hey (Chairman of the Board), and Myrna Hey (Board Member)


In 1970, Wayne purchased the 1965 Buick LeSabre Wildcat (pictured above) when he was a student in medical school.  In 1988, JB finished a complete restoration of this car, and it remains Wayne's favorite of all his classics.  See the January-February 2014 edition of Arlington Today magazine for an article entilted, "The Surgeon Who Loves Cars & Kids" by Richard Greene.

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Damaged ceiling tiles to our future Recreation Room caused by leaking roof

Our future Computer Lab and Classroom

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