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Our Officers & Board

Meet the Officers and Board of Directors for Crossover.  They're the ones responsible for making our Foundation run as smooth as a well-oiled machine.  And they do a great job!  We'll soon upload a photo and a brief bio of each Board Member so you can put a face to each name.  Thank you for praying and supporting these leaders of Crossover Restoration Foundation.


JB Baldridge, President/CEO

Steve Thornton, Treasurer

Pam Rice, Secretary



Wayne Hey, Chairman

Myrna Hey, Director

Jeff Jordan, Director

Jimmy McNeil, Director

Rick Rice, Director

Steve Wilson, Director



The picture on the left was taken on March 4, 2016. 


Dr. Wayne A. Hey (in wheel chair), is the Founder, Key Benefactor, and Chairman of Crossover.  He is bravely fighting a very aggressive cancer that has spread to both his hips, lungs and in one cheek bone.  His classic smile speaks of his personal joy and faith in the Lord. We are asking God to strengthen and lengthen Dr. Hey's life so he can see his dream of Crossover come to reality.


Steve Thornton (standing) is our Treasurer who suffered a heart attack and two strokes in mid-February that left him struggling with mobility and speech.  While he is improving daily, Steve still has a long road to complete recovery.


Please join the rest of us as we pray for God's grace and comfort in the lives of these two great servants.

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